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Under the first phase of Computerization in the year 1991, it was decided to extend Computerization to all Commissionerate & Divisions in the Country. During this first phase, Patna Commissionerate & its Divisions namely Patna, Muzaffarpur, Laheriasarai, Gaya was covered. The site preparation that includes Civil & electrical work was carried out by CPWD and within a specified time frame; in all these places sites were prepared. After preparation of Site at Divisions & Patna Hqrs., Computer Systems along with accessories were supplied and the same was installed at all these places. After installation of Computer system, the application Software package SERMON System for Excise Revenue Monitoring System was installed and implemented in all the Divisions/Hqrs, which is currently being used. The objectives of the Computerisation project have been

  • MODVAT claims monitoring.
  • Uniformity in assessment & valuation.

  • Monitoring revenue collection and reconciliation with the banking System.

  • Data base on Court Cases, Demands, Arrears, and Seizure for facilitating work in the Commissionerate.
  • MIS in the Commissionerate and Divisions for efficient decision making, and for detecting cases of duty evasion.

  • Connecting all the field offices.

In 1997, all Ranges under Patna Commissionerate, Computer Systems & printer were supplied & installed. After installation, a Computer training was provided to all the range Officers at Computer Hqrs section, Patna on the basics of Computers, its usage etc. After getting a training at Hqrs. Computer Cell, most of the Range Officers started using their Computer & all the reports etc. is being prepared by them by using Computer & sending electronic report to Divisional Office as well as Higher formation.

    In 1998, a new thrust was given to this Computerisation project by identifying certain minimum date to be captured by Commissionerate. This target was perused rigorously closing the last year. By pursuing rigorously towards Central Excise Computerisation at Patna, the target which has been fixed to us e.g. Generating budget head wise statement from RT-12 data using SERMON Software, to reach a level above 90% for index of timeliness & index of Completeness, to reach index of Correctness above 90%, we have already achieved those target within stipulated time frame. Now, Patna Commissionerate under Center Excise Computerisation project has already achieved timeliness 100%, Completeness of RT-12 records 100%, Correctness of record is 92% & quality of data is also 92%. In future we are trying to achieve 100% in case of Correctness & quality. Our Position under Computerisation in all over India comes out to be number four and in Kanpur Zone, our position is on number two which we will try to make it number one in next month. Directorate of Systems, Chennai has already appreciated our achievement towards Computerisation & asked to carryout such quality work in future also.